Articles by Patrick Wood

War Casualties: 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports After mRNA Injections

Write them all off as war casualties. By any calculation, it is biological warfare because the perpetrators refuse to stop even in the face of massive evidence that their biological agent is killing and maiming innocent civilians. This dark period of world history will be recorded as the largest genocidal event ever. Who will stand for the innocents whose lives are cut short?

Dr. Mercola: Patrick Wood On The Pressing Dangers Of Technocracy

With one political outrage after another, Technocrats are slipping by with their unending agenda to create a scientific dictatorship and make politics irrelevant. We are at war with these Technocrats and yet have not begun to fight: Why? Because the enemy, operating in stealth mode, has not yet been recognized. Subscribe to my new serialized book as it is being penned, The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism at

Creators Of ESG Complain That Behavior Isn’t Changing Fast Enough

This offers a little insight to the genesis and history of ESG ideology to kill coal, oil and natural gas through behavior modification. As Technocracy was primarily defined in the 1930s as the “science of social engineering”, ESG is a potent weapon but it is failing to live up to its original promises. Nevertheless, it will continue to create societal chaos until it is totally rejected by society.

The Power Of Where: The UN’s Rapidly Expanding GEOINT Infrastructure

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) was defined in 2005 by James R. Clapper (Lt. Gen., USAF, Ret) as encompassing “all aspects of imagery and geospatial information and services. It includes, but is not limited to the analysis of literal imagery; geospatial data; and information technically derived from the processing, exploitation, literal, and non-literal analysis of spectral, spatial, and temporal fused products.”

Zero Carbon Smart Grid: Spain Bans Air Conditioning Below 80 Degrees

Technocracy’s control over energy is made possible by creating an artificial energy crisis and then using Smart Grid technology to control people and behavior. TN has warned about this for several years and yet almost everyone yawned and looked away. Now Spaniards, Italians, Germans, etc, are groaning, if not screaming, under the draconian energy lockdowns.

Climate Cult Hammers Europe During Energy Crisis

There are three sides to the climate narrative: First, the loonies that run around as if crazy, screaming the sky is falling. Second, the government vice-grip that implements crushing policies. Third, the global elitists who plan and orchestrate the whole program. Reject them all and get a good night’s sleep.