Catholic Sisters Champion Sustainable Development In Africa

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Pope Francis’ 2015 Encyclical on Global Warmins, Laudato Si’, has influenced Catholic sisters in Africa to promote Sustainable Development. The ultimate result will be worse than the Marxist Liberation Theology that was promoted in the 1960s and 1970s.  TN Editor

Representatives of various Religious sisters on the African continent are this week meeting in a convention under the auspices of the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The convention which runs from 16 to 19 October is themed, “Catholic Sisters Champions of Sustainable Development in Africa.” It is taking place at Nairobi’s Sarova Panafric.

According to ASEC, the reason for the Nairobi Convention is to listen and learn from the Sisters rather than hear formal presentations. Understanding the objectives and core ideas anchoring the work of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the Catholic Sisters’ Strategic Initiative will help in assuring that African nations are at the forefront of achieving sustainable development for all citizens by 2030.

The Convention also seeks to appreciate the potential of Catholic Sisters as full members of the global partnership for sustainable development as well as the obstacles they face in connecting to the networks of communion and expertise required to be effective partners.

Representatives from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, and the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) are also in attendance.

Original story has been removed from the Vatican Radio website.

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My sister is a nun, and she already wants sustainable development. The last time she voted for Obama, I asked how you could vote for someone who approves of abortion? She said you have to take the good with the bad. I asked her, how bad does it have to get? She just looked at me dumbfounded.Go figure.The other nuns she lives with never heard of Sharia Law. Sheeple!