Orlando To Introduce Driverless Busses

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Busses like these are being released around the world, including Australia, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Paris, China and others. Like it or not, self-driving technology is here to stay and will help drive the 4th Industrial Revolution.  ⁃ TN Editor

Officials Tuesday revealed a glimpse of what could one day be the future of transit in Orlando by unveiling a small driverless bus that soon will maneuver around Lake Nona.

The battery-powered vehicle, run by Beep software, is one of two that are expected to begin operating in southeast Orlando this spring. The shuttles are said to be quiet and smooth riding and can carry a maximum of 15 passengers, reaching speeds of 16 mph.

For several years, city officials have studied autonomous vehicles — including embarking on a $300,000 study of the technology — in hopes of launching it one day within the city.

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