Gov. Jerry Brown To Vatican Faithful: “We Need A Total, I Might Say ‘Brain Washing'”

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Gov. Jerry Brown is panicked and incensed over Global Warming, demanding a forced global transformation. He states, “We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.” When Brown attended Jesuit seminary in his youth, they taught him how to meditate, apply self-mortification which included painful self-flagellation. Even as he admits that he wasn’t transformed, he calls for the whole world to be transformed into a carbonless Utopia.  TN Editor

Gov. Jerry Brown challenged the world’s religious leaders to further engage as he minimized the negative effects of President Donald Trump on meeting the climate-change challenge.

“The Trump factor is very small, very small indeed,” in comparison to the commitments taking place around the world, Brown said to a burst of applause Saturday at an event organized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. “That’s nothing to cheer about, because if it was only Trump that was a problem, we’d have it solved. But that’s not our only problem.

“The problem … is us. It’s our whole way of life. It’s our comfort … It’s the greed. It’s the indulgence. It’s the pattern. And it’s the inertia.”

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Brown, who arrived Friday for nearly two weeks of climate talks across Europe, said the path to transformational change must include the mass mobilization of the religious and theological sphere, but also the prophetic sphere.

“The power here is prophecy. The power here is faith, and that’s what this organization is supposed to be about. So, let’s be about it and combine with the technical and the scientific and the political.”

To slow the devastation of climate change, society cannot rely only on science and technology and must begin to accept the need for more transformational approaches, Brown said. He spoke for more than 40 minutes, punctuating his remarks and answers to attending scientists to reflect on his own experiences.

Brown’s first brush with the concept of transformation came when he entered the Jesuit seminary in the 1950s before the Second Vatican Council. He spoke Latin, meditated, underwent self-discipline, mortified himself.

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The first mistake is holding the belief that the pope has anything to do with God.


Jerry Brown needs to be judged and removed from office. He is a lying, virtue-signalling idiot. His election to office speaks volumes about Californian mentality.


Jerry Brown is a liar. I personally spoke with a VP of Sempra Energy and he told flat out “if we had a magic technology that cost nothing and would eliminate all CO2 emmissions with the flip of a switch we would NOT implement that technology because CO2 mitigation has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with making billions of dollars”. That is straight from exec of California’s Sempra energy, the same energy company that is implementing tiered electrical rates from 22-50 cents per kwh in the name of reducing carbon emmissions while they are the… Read more »


Ref: Professor Matthew E. Gladden – Georgetown University
A bit off subject but never-the-less an answer to Governor Brown’s prayers; I found this absolutely horrifying:
I can only conclude that one can major in practical trans-humanism at Georgetown U,…