June 2016

Cryonics Lab Will House 50,000 Frozen Bodies Awaiting Immortality

The Transhuman dream of achieving immortality was a metaphysical movement until they figured out how to use science to trick people into believing it was actually possible. However, after at least 30 years of trying, the realization of immortality is no closer now than it was then. Transhumans and Technocrats share a strong belief in Scientism, which posits that truth can only be discovered through the Scientific Method.

Predictive Analysis ‘Crystal Ball’ To Employ Digital DNA Avatar

The ultimate data collection model about you will include your DNA, activities, personality, lifestyle factors, etc. iCarbonX declares its “intention of recommending tailored wellness programs, food choices and possibly prescription medicines.” To the extent that your avatar exists in the computing ether, you will be micro-managed like cattle in a feed lot, until the day you die. Remember that China has been a Technocracy since at least 1995, and so Technocrats are encouraged to think this way.

Sony To Create Emotional Robot That Bonds With Humans

Technocrats have a hard time distinguishing between humans and machines. Both are just buckets of atoms arranged in different ways, so why shouldn’t a human be able to bond with inanimate objects? If there is any bonding, however, it will be trickery and not reality because – duh – robots can only pretend to feel.

Recognition And Awareness Of Global Technocracy Is Growing

It’s not perfect, but it is a start. America – and all other nations – desperately need to hold national dialogues on Technocracy before it is too late to stop it. The EU-Progressive meme, which is an early form of Technocracy, is faltering but that doesn’t mean the certain end of Technocracy. Far from it.

The Matrix: 24 Ways We’re Tracked On A Regular Basis

The Total Surveillance Society is not funny, cute or convenient. Rather, it is the singular conduit to deliver us directly into an Orwellian-style Scientific Dictatorship. Technocracy requires surveillance, and there is no such thing as ‘enough’. Surveillance data will one day be fed into quantum computers for instant analysis, correlation and tabulation, with the outcome being ‘instructions’ for the masses. This is the ‘science of social engineering’.

BREXIT: Snatching Sovereignty Away From The Technocracy Of Brussels

This article from Morocco recognizes the EU as a Technocracy, which it is. The EU was born and advanced through economics by many members of the Trilateral Commission starting in 1973. The EU seeks to control every facet of economic life according to the UN’s Sustainable Development. All that is missing for a full implementation of historic Technocracy is the implementing of an energy currency – and that is currently being discussed in elite circles in Europe.

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