November 7, 2016

Future Utopia

Tech Crunch: Are Smart Cities Just A Utopian Fantasy?

This article opines, “A common complaint about greenfield smart city deployments is that they’re antiseptic — they lack character”, and they are correct. Technocrats who promote Smart Cities are antiseptic by nature, pushing only efficiency and design; people are merely objects, and sometimes inconveniences, in the design process.

China’s ‘Draconian’ Cybersecurity Law Crushes Free Speech

Technocracy in China has created a formidable barrier to protect itself: destroy free speech, the right to protest, the right to privacy. The Scientific Dictatorship is already calculating social scores on all citizens, using deep data mining technology, that will determine who to shun from societal benefits. Those who resist the ‘Empire’ will be stripped of anything that might make them a threat.

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