December 23, 2016


Assaulted: Democracy Is Dying As Technocrats Watch

The elite Foreign Policy reveals that a) democracy has been under assault by Technocrats and b) Technocrats are watching as Democracy withers. This further confirms the battle between Technocracy and world governments. A second article is included from the New York Times that echoes the same story. It notes that “Support for autocratic alternatives is rising.” This is the most dangerous trend imaginable, because it shows that Technocracy is winning the war.

Smart Cities Flashback: ‘In The End, They will Destroy Democracy’

Smart Cities are the crown jewels of Technocracy, and they will, by their very nature, destroy democracy and all other forms of government. Technocrats know this and thus are putting all their effort into building Smart Cities around the globe. The United Nations, of course, is the primary driver and catalyst for Smart Cities, thanks to its recent Habitat III conference and the New Urban Agenda.