July 6, 2017

Government Schools Are Tracking The Mental Health Of Your Children

Common Core is not about education, it is Technocracy’s initiative to collect life-long data on young students in order to condition them for the global citizenry. The 1934 Technocracy Study Course wrote about education as a “continental system of human conditioning’, which is exactly what we have today.


Merchants Of Death: Dutch Euthanasia Troubles Even Assisted-Death Doctors

Euthanasia is the Technocrats’ plan for end-of-life, whether you want it or like it or not. For doctors who took an oath to “do no harm”, euthanasia is the extreme opposite of promoting life and healing. Euthanasia is also the logical end of all eugenics philosophy – cleanse society of the week, the demented and the non-productive.

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