July 16, 2017

China Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Cash-Free Utopia

The plea for cashless society is always preceded by glowing benefits. China is the world’s largest and first big model of Technocracy, and as an authoritarian state, it can force whatever it wants down its citizens throat. A dictatorship is always the shortest path to Technocracy, and even in 1933, early Technocrats called for FDR to declare himself dictator in order to  summarily implement it. Those who do not understand Technocracy cannot recognize China as anything other than a Communist dictatorship.

cashless society

VISA Bribes Restaurant Owners With $10,000 To Go Cashless

Bribery by any other name is still bribery, especially when we already know that the global elite are stampeding to a cashless society. Technocracy cannot be established except that ‘no person is left behind.’ Without cash everyone is forced into the system if they merely want to survive in the intended new world order.

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