July 18, 2017

DHS To Start Mandatory Biometric ID At Airports For Foreign Travel

Creeping incrementalism, indeed! Biometric ID will be standard everywhere in the United States within 5 years, with the Feds providing data access to a range of private companies. There will be cameras everywhere, including body cams worn by police, that will identify you in real time, wherever you go. Technocrats everywhere are salivating at the prospect… 

Bike-Crazy Oregon Riders Enraged Over First Bicycle Tax In Nation

Driving people out of their cars and onto bicycles has been an Agenda 21 plank that Oregon has fully embraced since 1992 . Now its the bikers who are getting a look at the other side of the knife blade as a new excise tax will ding every new purchaser, and they are livid. They are too used to having their cake and eating it too.

War On Cash Puts ECB, EU On Collision Course With Germany

The war on cash is global as Central Banks cram it down the throat of their respective client-nations. The contagion is the infamous Bank for International Settlements (BIS) that is the central bank to central banks and the mastermind of global monetary policy. To implement Technocracy (aka Sustainable Development), the global monetary system must be digital and there must be no holdouts. Thus, eliminating cash will force everyone into the banking system 100%. The mantra of ‘no person left behind’ is seen in all United Nations documents that support Sustainable development.

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