July 21, 2017

Cyborg Dragonflies Can Spy Where Other Drones Cannot

Merging electronics with genetically modified living organisms is an event that will excite Transhumans who are looking for a human cyborg reality. Tinkering with fundamentals of life itself is a dangerous proposition, but Technocrats build because they can, not because it is smart to do so.

Why Universal Basic Income Is Gaining Supporters And Critics

Fake history and fake facts are underpinning the argument for UBI, much like the pseudo-science of global warming. To state that UBI “starts to add up to a very significant portion of the GDP,” is woefully ignorant of economic terminology and meaning. GDP stands for “Gross Domestic Product”, whereas UBI is a government handout created out of thin air from taxpayer money.

iq too low for kids

Oregon Takes Kids Because Parents’ IQ Is Too Low

Since Technocrats view people as resources to be engineered, they have no regard for the family unit or parental rights. This case could well have taken place in Nazi Germany in the 1930s when Technocracy first asserted itself. 

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