July 28, 2017

Augustine volcano

Wired Magazine: Look Who Is Talking About Geoengineering

All of a sudden, stories about geo-engineering are appearing frequently, floating the idea of cooling the planet by modifying the atmosphere. However, they do not mention that experiments have already been underway for several years. Technocrats don’t believe that they need public approval for any project where the ‘science is settled’.

UN And World Bank Announce Global Program ‘Cooling For All’

They talk about HFCs and the need for people in hot countries to cool down, but how long will it take until geo-engineering comes into focus? Funding is provided by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program, which in turn is funded by oligarch foundations like Bill Gates, MacArthur Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, etc. 

Shoukhrat Mitalipov

Scientific First: Human Embryos Now Being Edited In U.S.

It was just a matter of time, but the U.S. has joined the club of super-eugenicists who want to take control over the human genome and hence, human evolution. Hijacking evolution has long been the major dream of  Transhumans. It is no surprise that OHSU is located in Portland, Oregon, where ethics, morality and common sense are quite uncommon. Note that almost all sponsoring organizations like OHSU are funded by taxpayers.

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