August 16, 2017

Billionaire Richard Branson Joins Technocrat Siren Call For Universal Basic Income

Branson visited The Elders, a small and self-appointed group of Technocrats that includes four members of the Trilateral Commission. The Elders are instrumental in the genesis of UBI. Keep in mind that the Trilateral Commission fed Agenda 21/Sustainable Development to the United Nations in 1992 as Agenda 21. The UN and others credit Gro Harlem Brundtland as the creator of Agenda 21; she is a member of The Elders and also a member of the Trilateral Commission.

Google And YouTube Have Created A Culture Of Censorship

Google’s chairman is Eric Schmidt, also a member of the Trilateral Commission and a died-in-the-wool Technocrat who is bent on imposing his ideology on the entire world. His platform has become his sledge hammer. Expect censorship to increase along with howls of protest from users.

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