August 2017

wireless smart grid sensors

Global Smart Grid Market Growing At 30% Per year

Controlling energy distribution and consumption has been a core objective of Technocracy since the 1930s, and remains so today. According to Technocracy, energy will one day supplant global currencies as a means of exchange. 

Facebook: You Don’t Own Your Face, We Do

Facebook’s massive facial recognition database grows each time you tag a face to a person’s name. Does that give FB the permanent right to catalog your face? What about your clothing and posture? All these can be used to identify you on the street, without your knowledge or consent. Technocrats are data addicts who can never get enough data.

DEFCON: Professional Hackers Breached Dozens Of Voting Machines Within Minutes

The utter lack of security on voting systems around the world shatters the illusion of tamper-free elections. Technocrats who build these technologies have no sense of building in security from the start, and could care less about patching them up after they have been hacked. White-hat hackers busted in to many machines within minutes of starting. Un-hackable voting machine is an oxymoron.