September 11, 2017


Trump Appoints Trilateral Commission Member As Ambassador To India

Since February, Trilateral Kenneth Juster has been a member of the National Security Council. Now he has been appointed Ambassador to India. From 2010-2017, Juster was Managing Director of the global investment firm, Warburg Pincus. The Warburg family’s very close ties to Nazi Germany in the 1930s  were fully exposed by the late Antony Sutton. Since Warburg Pincus has massive investments in India, Juster presents a huge conflict of interest.

UAE: World Green Economy Organization Launches Financial Platform

The financing of Sustainable Development, aka Green Economy and Technocracy, is being driven by the Islamic nation, United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with China. The U.N. is backing the program. Note that the UAE is a founding member of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AAIB) that is normally attributed to China. Both China and the UAE are prime examples of Technocracy in action.