September 2017


Calls To Punish Skeptics Rise With Links To Climate Change, Hurricanes

Technocrats get very edgy when their pseudo-science is exposed as faulty and corrupt, leading them to resort to Inquisition-style punishment at the hands of thought-police.  They have no defense, and they likely know it, but when climate change is turned into a religion (by Scientism), irrational beliefs need no empirical support.

Trump Appoints Trilateral Commission Member As Ambassador To India

Since February, Trilateral Kenneth Juster has been a member of the National Security Council. Now he has been appointed Ambassador to India. From 2010-2017, Juster was Managing Director of the global investment firm, Warburg Pincus. The Warburg family’s very close ties to Nazi Germany in the 1930s  were fully exposed by the late Antony Sutton. Since Warburg Pincus has massive investments in India, Juster presents a huge conflict of interest.

UAE: World Green Economy Organization Launches Financial Platform

The financing of Sustainable Development, aka Green Economy and Technocracy, is being driven by the Islamic nation, United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with China. The U.N. is backing the program. Note that the UAE is a founding member of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AAIB) that is normally attributed to China. Both China and the UAE are prime examples of Technocracy in action.

The American Medical Association vs. Human Nature

The AMA has long since turned on its would-be patients, thanks to Technocrats within who grant very little value to the human life they are supposed to protect. Furthermore, ethics and morality do not interest the Technocrat mind whatever, leaving only efficiency and pragmatism as goals; indeed, it is the ‘science of social engineering’ that they are pursuing.

The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for Cryptocurrencies

As an economic system, Technocracy needs an appropriate type of currency as an accounting system, and blockchain technology is a likely foil. However, Technocrats in the 1930s said that energy was the only appropriate accounting system. As I read this, I would fully expect to see a global blockchain system having some relation to, or ‘peg’, to either carbon or energy itself. Either way, the days of the ‘wild west’ for Bitcoin may be in jeopardy.

Rockefeller University: Doping Western Cultures With Oxytocin Will Cure Hatred Of Refugees

Technocrats are dedicated to the ‘science of social engineering’, and that includes direct manipulation of the human herd by putting chemicals into the water supply. This study was edited by Bruce S. McEwen of Rockefeller University. That they would even discus this is a horror reminiscent of Nazi Germany during WWII. Remember, however, that most of America is already drinking fluoride that was imposed without advice and consent from the consuming public.