September 2017


Tucker Carlson: Globalists Want “Worldwide Rule By Unaccountable Technocrats”

Carlson Tucker hit a nerve on national TV when he stated that the DACA hysteria is more about “worldwide rule by unaccountable technocrats.” Indeed, globalist goal the of Technocracy includes breaking down borders, culture and common language. Meanwhile, where did Tucker pick up the idea of Technocracy? Perhaps Technocracy.News and my book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation are having an impact on the national dialogue. 

Flashback: Are Christian Churches Helping To Build Global Cities?

The major global mantra of building global cities (aka Smart Cities) is fanned by so-called Christian churches who are more interested in establishing cities than their own congregations. Pastors of mega-churches have traded their calling to shepherd individuals in favor of  become community organizers to ‘save’ their cities. 

Google Is Hiring Team Of AI Specialists In China

You might ask, why would Google build AI systems in China where it’s core search engine has been banned for seven years? Speculation that it is, the answer might be that Google is building proprietary AI systems for China to suppress its own citizens. Much of what happens in China is illegal in the United States.