October 3, 2017


Technocrats See Engineered Crops As Only Path To Solve Global Hunger

Technocracy is the ‘science of social engineering’ where the only solution to any problem is science itself. Thus, Technocrats will eagerly – and permanently – modify the germline of major food crops in order to feed the world. How will testing be accomplished? Well, there will be no testing. Technocrats see little need for testing when they deem the science to be ‘settled’.

US Violated Spy Laws ‘Hundreds’ Of Times In Last Decade

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is 100 percent responsible for the actions of every Intel agency in America, and he answers directly to the President. It is  ludicrous for anyone to believe that the DNI could not put firm policies in place to stop this nonsense, but he has not done so… ever. The Intel community went rogue when the first DNI was appointed in  2005 by President George Bush. That DNI, Trilateral Commission member John Negroponte, completely reorganized all Intel agencies in America.