November 9, 2017

Gov. Jerry Brown To Vatican Faithful: “We Need A Total, I Might Say ‘Brain Washing'”

Gov. Jerry Brown is panicked and incensed over Global Warming, demanding a forced global transformation. He states, “We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.” When Brown attended Jesuit seminary in his youth, they taught him how to meditate, apply self-mortification which included painful self-flagellation. Even as he admits that he wasn’t transformed, he calls for the whole world to be transformed into a carbonless Utopia. 

Superhuman: Brain Implanted Chips To Be Ready Within 15 Years

Read carefully: Obama’s 2012 “Map the Human Brain” initiative is producing control freaks who want to achieve read/write access to the human brain. This includes reading, deleting, creating and altering memories. It would be the ultimate mind control mechanism ever created. Of course, it is over-hyped and likely impossible, but the fact that they believe they can do it is concerning enough.

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