November 29, 2017


Big Red Flag: Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Raised Their Kids Tech-Free

The most prominent Technocrats in Big Tech that invented most of the technology that is taking over the world, kept their own kids away from it! This clearly shows that they knew what they were doing, and the true nature of the manipulative/addictive environment they were building. All parents should read this story and consider their own children. 

Robots Could Kill 73 Million U.S. Jobs By 2030, 800 Million Globally

The Technocrat inventors behind this anti-human movement of displacing human work are building a system that will control every facet of human existence. There is no moral or ethical restraint whatever. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is being positioned as the Technocrat solution, which will result in a permanent slave-class of humanity from which there will be no escape.