January 8, 2018


DARPA At Work: Military Targets Urban Battlespace To Test Drone Swarm Tactics

The military has fast-tracked drone swarming project for immediate deployment for urban warfare. These swarms, coordinated with swarms of ground vehicles and robotic devices, can surround and isolate a target within a single city-block, within 30 minutes. China and the U.S. are said to be racing neck-and-neck in this arms race, but the presence of China Electronics Technocracy in the test zone speaks otherwise: China and the U.S. may well be privately sharing technology with each other. 

China Has Killed Cash With Ubiquitous e-Payment Systems

China, the world’s biggest and most established Technocracy, has all but achieved a totally cashless state by implementing digital e-payment systems via smart phones. Coupled with ubiquitous camera surveillance and identification, China will soon have its thumb on an electronic gulag from which there is no escape, relief or appeal.

China Using Facial Recognition In Drive For Total Surveillance

China’s clear intent is to build a police state with 100% total surveillance, where every citizen is tracked, monitored and analyzed around the clock. AI is applied to issue a ‘social score’ to everyone based on pliability and obedience. Their motto “keeping trust is glorious” is mirrored by the harsh effects of “breaking trust” and being isolated and restricted from normal societal necessities. In short, their Internet has become their gulag.