January 18, 2018


Scientist Flip-Flop: Worst-Case Global Warming Scenarios Are Not Credible

Some global warming scientists are back-peddling on their most extreme predictions on global warming, but still refuse to abandon the premise that man is is the primary cause of global warming, or that the earth is most likely headed into a cooling cycle. This Technocrat position is essentially anti-human because humans always end up taking the blame for whatever happens.

Food Shortages At Whole Foods Caused By Over-Zealous Technocrat Managers

Technocrats love efficiency and just-in-time supply chains to deliver products to consumers, but Whole Foods has gone overboard, resulting in empty shelves for shoppers. Employees describe the inventory system as ‘militaristic’, sending morale into the doldrums. The fact that retail disrupter Amazon recently bought Whole Foods has only exacerbated the problem.