January 19, 2018


Battle Growing Against Silicon Valley To Expose Extreme Leftist Bias

In a desperate maneuver to deflect attacks, Silicon Valley is attempting to blame such attacks on the so-called ‘Alt-Right’, which they say is fueled by racists, neo-Nazis and Fascists, and lump all other critics in with these groups. This could not be further from the truth as rank-and-file conservatives from all walks of life are the real protestors against Silicon Valley over-reach.

Western Companies Bow To China Bullying To Censor Mentions Of Taiwan, Tibet As Separate Countries

China’s repressive Technocracy is now reaching outside of its own borders to bully any corporation or travel site that refers to Taiwan, Tibet or Hong Kong as sovereign countries. Western companies are bowing down to China in full compliance. China would not get away with this except that they exert tremendous trade pressure throughout the whole planet, so non-compliance would be met with financial loss.