January 29, 2018


NSA Doles Out Massive $112 Billion In High-Tech Contracts Over Last Two Years

Just in the last two years, the NSA has granted over $112 billion in high-tech contracts to private industry representing just over $400 for every man, woman and child in America. This is ten times more than their own basic budget, so the question is, how do these contracts get funded? The second question is, Is the NSA forming outright Fascist relationships with private industry?

Trump Admin Considering Nationalizing Upcoming 5G Wireless Network

The new 5G cellular standard is expected to put real-time communications in place for the Internet of Things; thus, in the hands of the government, all IoT data could be collected and captured directly by the government. It is already known that most cell carriers are already providing massive amounts of data to the government. The misleading rational offered for nationalization is to ‘guard against China’.