March 2018

Trilateral Commission Member Richard Haass Writes ‘Liberal World Order, R.I.P.’

Is the Trilateral Commission giving up on its “New International Economic Order”, aka Technocracy and Sustainable Development, or is this just another smokescreen to lead observers astray? What the world needs for Technocracy to rule is the complete failure of Capitalism and Free Enterprise. As global resources are sequestered by the UN and its globalist cronies, the world will be primed for a ‘resource-based’ economic system ruled by the technological elite.

Case Study: ‘Smart City’ Pitched For Arkansas

Here it starts with one guy saying, “Nobody has done that yet. So that’s the vision”. Next come the cascade of false assumptions whereby it is claimed that only more technology can solve a multitude of problems. This top-down approach to city building has always failed because people will not be managed in the way envisioned.

Government Data Storage Skyrockets With Internet Of Things

Technocrats are data hoarders and are driven to collect all data that their environment produces. The Internet of Things will produce orders of magnitude more data as it grows and connects. The AI analysis capability is rapidly catching up with to storage technology, meaning that this new treasure-trove of data will take on ‘meaning’ to the Technocrat controllers.

Paris Climate Accords Are Increasingly Ignored By Nations Who Signed

The Paris climate accords were an exercise in futility as most nations to signed on have, in practice, acted like they never existed. However, the Technocrat rhetoric continues at full throttle, trying to convince the world that too much carbon is going to kill us. Taking carbon out of the atmosphere is anti-human and will lead to mass starvation, not climate salvation.

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