May 2, 2018

The Security Risks Of Using 5G To Drive Smart Cities And IoT

Cellular carriers are racing at breakneck speed to implement 5G because it will unlock trillions of dollars in new data while driving smart cities and enabling the Internet of Things. Security is an afterthought, but experts note that the potential for breaches will expand exponentially. The failure of massive IoT systems could throw society into chaos.

DNA ‘Writers” Set Goal: Recoding Human Cells To Resist Viruses

When a convention of 200 Technocrat-minded DNA scientists get together to discuss the human genome, one might expect a project like this to emerge. That is, let’s start from scratch and re-write the whole genome. They have no sense that humanity is not their playground to experiment with creating life.

Smart Dubai Launches Global Network To Connect Smart Cities

The Smart City concept has never been about just a single city, but rather a global network of smart cities that interoperate with each other. Ultimately, this will require massive AI programs to model the entire planet for the sake of command and control. This is the nature of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.

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