May 11, 2018


Renewed Calls For North American Union Based On Technocracy

Dr. Parag Khana, author of Technocracy in America, calls for Trump to scrap NAFTA and go directly to a North American Union. Under President George Bush, the NAU idea was driven into oblivion by American activists, including this writer. It was and still is a notion of Technocracy that Mexico and Canada should merge with the US to become a continental technate, ruled by Technocrats.

Trilateral Commission Member Joseph Nye Speaks Out On China, Asia

When Nye states, “Contrary to conspiracy theories, the Commission has little power”, he is speaking of this writer’s seminal works Trilaterals Over Washington, Vol. I and II, co-authored with the late Professor Antony Sutton. The Trilateral Commission and its members stand naked before the clear documentation of history, and no amount of self-effacing rhetoric will erase that.