June 2018


Facebook To Judge Which News Sites Are ‘Credible’ Or Not

The problem with censorship in general is not traditional left-right conflict of ideology; rather, it is the Technocrat mindset that a) every problem can be solved by algorithm, b) they are the only data jockeys who know how to do it and c) they are the ‘chosen’ and therefore must act. The culture at Big Tech sees their Utopian ideology as the only valid possibility and rejects all else.

Technopopulism Is Born In Italy By Blending Technocracy And Populism

This is a watershed phenomenon in Italy where Technocrats and Populists are melding together to further common goals. However, note that the real reins of power are held by Technocrats. TN has previously suggested that the global populist movement would ultimately support Technocracy, the goal of which is to decentralize and weaken national governments.

Scientists: CRISPR Gene Editing Might Cause Cancer

By nature, Technocrats are over-confident in their ability to to understand and solve everything. Their belief in science overreaches reality but has little concern for the people affected by it. In this case, real scientists recognize that the human genome is infinitely complex and true understanding of how it all works is merely a distant dream.

Swedish Lawmakers Try To Halt Banks’ March Toward Cashless Society

In a rare first, Sweden’s lawmakers are battling Technocrats over cash v. cashlessness. Its central bank, in collusion with national banks have apparently gone too far to fast to strip cash from the banking system. Alarmed lawmakers are now going toe to toe with these bankers to stop them. A cashless society is key to implementing Technocracy, so this will be telling to see who wins this battle.

Pamela Geller: Who Is Behind The Internet Thought Police?

Pamela Geller asks the question, to what degree is the Internet thought police influenced by Islamic and agenda? The answer may be disturbing but TN has consistently noted that there is a distinct link between Technocracy and radical Islam. In this case, Islamic operatives is positions of power are directing the media to be friendly toward Islam but harshly critical of everything else.

4th Quarter 2018: Verizon Rolling Out 5G to Sacramento, Los Angeles

5G is the holy grail of Technocracy because a) it will completely light up the Internet of Everything and b) it will permit instant collection of virtually all data on earth. Verizon intends to dominate in the U.S., and is rolling out city-wide systems in Los Angeles and Sacramento by 4th quarter 2018. Public consumption will lag until consumer devices are available to take advantage of the higher speed. This is truly disruptive technology and will obsolete cable providers. For instance, my 100MBS Cox service sports a 20-25 ms latency; 5G will deliver 1000MBS with 1 ms latency.

Like Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward From 2050 In Spain

Technocracy in Europe is assured, as is clearly understood by many observers. This dehumanized future scenario in Spain is depicted by a professor of EU Constitutional Law in Santiago. Lured into delusion, “Information overload and a myriad of data-sets have made people incapable of discerning for themselves absent official guidance true from false, right from wrong, while the real and reality faded from the public mind decades ago.”