June 2018


Stockton, CA Fights Poverty With Guaranteed Basic Income

Stockton, California has been in and out of bankruptcy but now sees the light on solving its large homeless problem: simply give taxpayer money away to all of them ala Technocracy’s “Universal Basic Income”. This is a localized version of wealth re-distribution and is all but guaranteed to throw the city back into bankruptcy.

Study: ‘Carbon Bubble’ Could Spark Global Financial Crisis

Technocrats have found a new angle to spark divesting of carbon-based assets: “if people stop putting funds now in fossil fuels, they may at least limit their losses.”  The academics used techniques commonly found in global warming science: “we have observed the data and made projections from there.” Not surprisingly, Christiana Figures is mentioned in this article.

California Governor Jerry Brown Labeled As Technocrat

Gov. Jerry Brown has more in common with a Technocrat than a left-wing Democrat: he is totally ‘green’, promoting Sustainable Development, global warming, alternative energy, smart cities and unlimited immigration. Whatever the United Nations proposes, Brown puts into practice, which is the unspoken reason NY Times can call him a “pragmatic, results-focused technocrat”.

Tommy Robinson: Free Speech Is Critically Wounded In London

Free Speech has been dealt a lethal blow in England, where an activist reporter was railroaded into prison after covering a trial while broadcasting to social media.  His hour-long livestream to Facebook was watched over 250,000 time within hours of posting. The judge was enraged that Robinson encouraged people to share: “I regard it as a serious aggravating feature that he was encouraging others to share it and it had been shared widely. That is the nature of the contempt.”