August 2018


China’s New AI: Rumor Mongers Will Be Headed Straight To Prison

Spreading ‘online rumors’ that violate Beijing’s official ‘truth’ can get you 7 years in jail, and everybody is turned into a rat to tattle on their friends. China asserts that “Rumors violate individual rights; rumors create social panic; rumors cause fluctuations in the stock markets; rumors impact normal business operations; rumors blatantly attack revolutionary martyrs.”

Autonomous Airships Set To Revolutionize Policing, Emergency Services

The Technocrat police state is advancing with the invention of a camera laden blimp to fly over cities looking for evil-doers and spying on the remainder. Since they fly at low altitudes, their high-resolution cameras will be able to see the blades of grass in your lawn. Equipped with AI and 5G, they will be able to fully integrate into Smart City censors to provide a real-time analysis of what is taking place on the ground.

Surprising Numbers Of Teens Refuse To Use Social Media

There is a natural backlash occurring with teens completely dropping out of social media because of the phoniness and pressure imposed by their peers. Thus far, Technocrat overlords of social media have had the advantage freshness while growing their user base. Those days may be over.

Facebook Employees Mount Censorship Backlash Against Bosses

Non-leftists at Facebook are in a distinct minority but they are banding together to challenge Facebook’s rampant censorship of conservative thought. These employees will face stiff peer pressure and possible retaliation for speaking up. Meanwhile, Facebook is being ‘punished’ by its users who are deleting their accounts en-masse.

Autonomous Killer Robot Makes Debut Hunting Lionfish To Save Coral Reefs

While man-made global warming is always blamed for decay of the world’s coral reefs, the lionfish has emerged as a co-conspirator. The Technocrat solution is to invent an autonomous AI killer robot to hunt and kill lionfish. If they can hunt and kill one species, can they not do the same for another (ie, humans) Other scientists are looking to use CRISPR technology to genetically edit coral.