August 8, 2018


Erased History: How U.S. Bankers Finance Our Enemies

The late Professor Antony Sutton was the world’s leading exert on the transfer of technology from the West to the East, and he thoroughly documented the modus operandi and patterns of doing so. Sutton’s evidence paved the way for me to realize that the buildup of China as a Technocracy was merely a continuation of the same old pattern.

Apple Itself May Not Listen On iPhones, But Its Apps Can And Do Listen

Denials notwithstanding, collecting user data is simply irresistible for hard-core Technocrat engineers who believe they have a right to collect and analyze all data, anywhere, any time. Since your data is only used for analysis by their highly-trained programs, they believe this to be fair and reasonable. On the other hand, if you had access to such data, it would be wrong and dangerous because you are a commoner and unskilled at computer analytics.