September 5, 2018


Shock Tech: AI To Resurrect The Dead With Human Replicas?

Technocrat engineers are obsessed with Transhumanism and conquering immortality, but this ‘breakthrough’ is little more than a technology parlor trick to imitate life after death. Before technology, we had puppets with strings, and this is no different except that it is much more realistic.

Paris Climate Agreement Is Finally Unraveling Everywhere

While the rhetoric continues, actions are speaking louder than words: coal and fossil fuel production and usage is still rising as nations refuse to do things that will harm their own economies. Technocrats at the UN and elsewhere can only scream louder and longer that mankind is doomed if global warming isn’t curtailed.

Rich Technocrats Planning Doomsday Escape To New Zealand Bunkers

The super-rich like Peter Theil and Sam Altman, have packed their bug-out bags and are ready to flee to their underground hideaways in New Zealand on a moment’s notice. They expect and fear Armageddon and are taking every precaution to save their own skins, even though they are all complicit in the future we don’t want.