September 6, 2018


Advocacy Advertising: Another Slick Social Engineering Tool Of Technocracy

Technocracy is all about social engineering. Advocacy Advertising (AA) is a tool to generate sales by promoting a particular opinion, such as political, social, economic or scientific. Such ads seek to influence public opinion for the self-interest of the advertiser. Conceptually, AA is closely related to the Nudge theory of behavioral science which uses positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to influence behavior. Both are tools of social engineering, and skillfully practiced by Technocrats in all professions.

France’s Clean Nuclear Energy Leapfrogs Germany’s Solar And Wind

In the battle for ‘clean’ energy, France has whipped Germany by a margin of 3 to 1 with its use of reliable nuclear power. However, most environmental zealots hate nuclear energy as much as fossil fuels, so their collective global lobby has blocked development of new nuclear power plants. If it is allowed to continue, this foolishness will set humanity back 100 years.