October 2018

TSA: Biometric Screening For Domestic Travelers Is Coming Soon

The TSA’s driving goal is to create a ‘paperless’ airport by using biometric screening from start to finish. After enough people have been ‘logged’, travelers will be scanned, identified and greeted as they walk through the airport entrance. The TSA believes this will increase efficiency, decrease lines and smooth out the flow of people. No matter that they are essentially creating a national biometric ID database. This is the epitome of a Technocracy mind.

Quayside: Google’s New Smart City Is A Privacy Nightmare

As Google applies its data management skills on a real city, Quayside, it is turning into a privacy nightmare. What it needs to do, it will not do because its prime directive is to collect identifiable data. De-identified data is totally useless to Technocrats at Google.

The People WON Britain’s First 5G Court Case

5G companies play on the ignorance of local politicians to get what they want, and when that doesn’t work, slander, bullying, smearing and label-lynching become the strategy du jour. However, 5G can only be dealt with on a local basis.