March 2020


Snowden: AI Plus Coronavirus Is ‘Turnkey To Tyranny’

Technocrat-minded surveillance companies are ‘in the zone’ with governments more willing than ever to buy their AI and surveillance technologies. Once embedded into society, they will be used against citizens long after the coronavirus has subsided.

Is Killing The Economy Worth Killing The Virus?

Destroying the economy is the primary goal of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. However, far more people will suffer and die in a chaotic, collapsed economic system, than from the coronavirus itself. However, there will be no resources left to help save those lives.

A Non-Technocrat Method To Fight Coronavirus

TN has stated repeatedly that not all scientists and engineers are Technocrats. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai holds four degrees from MIT plus a PhD in Biological Engineering and yet seeks to use his knowledge to serve mankind rather than to control it.