March 2021


Non-Vaxxers Will Have No Place In The ‘New Normal’ Society

The emerging purpose of the globalist-inspired and executed pandemic is to force everyone into compliance and into their web of control. For those who are not shamed and bullied into taking the vaccine, they can expect exclusion from many aspects of society, such as travel, entrance into certain stores, limited access to government facilities, etc.

Gov. DeSantis Shoots Down ‘Vaccine Passports’ In Florida

As the Federal government races forward to implement “vaccine passports”, Florida again leads the way to assert its States Rights to say “NO!” Technocrats are using the pandemic as an excuse to implement ubiquitous tracking to build a comprehensive portfolio on every citizen. All states should rise up to protect their citizens.

Biden Administration Ramping Up For New Battle Over Net Neutrality

Today’s net neutrality is not about helping gamers and video consumers get more bandwidth. It is not about equality. Rather, it is about institutionalizing Internet censorship, forcing everyone who disseminates or transmits content to abide by infamous fact-checker rules as leftists determine them.