April 2, 2021


German Auditors: Green Energy Is A “Danger For All Of Germany”

Control over energy has been a goal of Technocracy since it was founded in 1932. Alternative energy offers control over scarce resources, while destroying abundant energy resources. Whoever control the energy controls all economic activity. Germans are discovering that the whole program is regressive and dangerous.

Revealed: Propaganda Template For Vaccine Passports

Propaganda is a one-sided and skewed presentation of the facts in order to manipulate people into doing things that they would never otherwise do if they had all the facts. Today, there is a massive propaganda campaign to establish vaccine passports and it’s coming from the very top of the Technocrat oligarchy. 

Technocrat Vision For The Future Of Food

In 2014, China announced it was moving 100 million rural farmers off of their property and into cities, in order to make way for industrialized farming. Bill Gates has similar thoughts on the use of agricultural land, and has already amassed 242,000 acres of prime farmland.