September 22, 2021

Low Power IoT: What Can Be Connected, Will Be Connected

With modern technology, this is only achievable through the IoT, which has more recently been termed the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) to include humans among the inanimate “things”. It is unlikely that Nodle will change the world of IoT to a large extent, but it demonstrates the wide-spread development efforts of Technocrats to fulfill the oft-stated adage, “whatever can be connected, will be connected”. 

Lab Grown Meat Industry On Billion Dollar Collision Course To Oblivion

“It’s a fable driven by hope, not science, and when the investors finally realize this the market will collapse.” Lab grown meat is a fairy tail that has no more chance of saving the world than does windmills or solar panels. The overblown hype of science-can-do-anything is due for a comeuppance and none too soon before these unbridled Technocrats destroy civilization.

Shadowdragon: Deep Social Media Dragnet For Total Surveillance

Privacy groups from the left and right are rightly concerned over the meteoric rise of ubiquitous surveillance and monitoring systems like those produced at Shadowdragon. At the click of a button, over 120 online platforms are scoured for personal data, presenting  your personal networks, locations, activities, psychological profiles, etc. Police departments are primary sales targets and it’s spreading like wildfire.