September 27, 2021

DNA Vaccines: Changing The Genetic Makeup Of Humanity

Invented by┬áscientists in India, this is “the first plasmid DNA vaccine that has been authorized for human use” and purports to inject so-called ‘naked DNA” under the skin of your arm. When inducted into the patient’s DNA, permanent changes to the germ-line will pass the genetic modifications to offspring.

Is COVID-19 A Bioweapon? A Scientific And Forensic Investigation

With no ethical boundaries, Technocrat scientists will use whatever tools available to them to conquer the world. Evidence has recently surfaced that humanity is indeed under attack with a strategic bioweapon designed to cause massive injuries and deaths and resulting in fear necessary to enforce new a global Technocrat agenda.

Hospitals Will Cause Their Own Demise With Mandated Vaccine Policies

What do nurses see about vaccines that would cause them to lay down their careers when their employer tries to force them to be injected? Hospitals are going to cause their own demise over mandated vaccines. Other industries, already challenged by labor shortages, will suffer the same fate. Management will remain clueless as they sift through the ashes of bankruptcy.