September 28, 2021

NY State Crushes Healthcare Workers For Defying Vaccine Mandate

Anyone who cannot see the unmitigated tyranny behind these actions is either blind or willfully ignorant. Yesterday’s healthcare “heroes” are now being thrown under the bus as today’s “scum”, being suddenly and forcefully ejected from lifelong careers without unemployment benefits or any other consideration. Some of these banned workers will go from a fruitful career to homelessness in the course of a few weeks.

Endgame: Forced Vaccination Targets WEF ‘Great Reset’ As Outcome

Don’t be “gaslighted” by the World Economic Forum or the Big Pharma medical system: These have declared war on humanity by ripping apart the fabric of society through tyranny. It is a scorched-earth strategy that provides the survivors with the opportunity to “build back better.” The losers will left in a state of neo-feudalism where “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Telosa: A Technocratic City In The Making

Utopia, aka Technocracy, by any other name is still Utopia and not one single attempt to built it has ever succeeded. Yet,  the billionaire class continue the myth by promoting new efforts on virtually ever continent on earth. Telosa is the latest iteration to build a city from the ground up to model their dreams.