September 29, 2021

Kaboom: YouTube Bans ALL Anti-Vaccine Content

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” YouTube and Google are the self-declared arbiters of evil, not truth, and they say evil is any negative information about unapproved gene therapy injections. Consequently, thousands of legitimate doctors, scientists and health professionals are disenfranchised from the world’s largest video platform. 

Italy Decrees That Companies Not Pay Unvaccinated Workers

The cradle of Western civilization is now the cradle of outright tyranny. Italy is leading the way to crush freedom and liberty by forcing every citizen to be vaccinated and carry the “green pass”. Obey or lose your means of survival, namely your paycheck and your savings as you also pay huge fines for disobedience.

Bill Gates: The Figurehead of Modern Technocracy

Bill Gates is a ruthless monopolist with visions of global dominance. His tentacles manipulate education, geo-engineering, climate, agriculture, population surveillance, genetics, medicine and governments. He is singularly the most important driver of the pandemic and mandated vaccine policies.