Metaverse: Virtual Children To Help Combat Overpopulation

For all the brainwashed young marrieds who willingly choose to forego having children, it’s Metaverse to the rescue as they can now have virtual children to feed, change diapers. nurture, teach, play, etc. Get tired of your virtual child? Just click a button and delete it. The bifurcation of reality is beyond just dangerous, it is existential to civilization and the human race.

Report: Working In The Metaverse Lowers Productivity, Causes Anxiety

The Metaverse is headed for a huge fail as workers already experience nausea, intense eye strain and anxiety, revealing the physical, emotional and mental toll. If this is the effect on adults, just imagine the horrors it will inflict on youth. Humans are designed to live in a fake reality created by Transhuman dreamers.

Silicon Valley’s Transhuman Philosophy Is Fundamentally Wrong

The Transhuman Holy Grail is to take over the human genome in order to create a super race of “Humans 2.0”. The brain is not a computer and genes are not computer programs, but that hasn’t stopped Elon Musk, for instance, in creating a brain-computer interface called Neuralink to become “super-human”.

Monkey Business: Monkeypox Or Moneypox?

When a football team discovers a good play, it will use it over and over until it is no longer effective. So it is with Big Pharma and the biomedical cartel. It is up to people, real medical doctors and professionals to tell them to shove it. Already, there are so many holes in the monkeypox argument that it is almost laughable.

The Link Between Transhumanism And The Metaverse

Reality is already 3D and immersive, so why do we need a cheap imitation called the Metaverse? The answer lies in Transhumanism and its quest to escape mortal bounds to enter into immortality, omniscience and transcendence, all of which are possible in the Metaverse but not in real life. Parents: Keep your children away from the Metaverse.

Mask Mandates Linked to Increased COVID Death Rates

Technocracy News & Trends published one of the very first warnings about the dangers of face masks on May 11, 2020. The author, Dr. Russell Blaylock, was ridiculed by the pseudo-scientific community and media. To see parental testimonies over damage done to children by forcing them to wear masks, see https://www.NoMasksForKids.com. 

The Persistent History Of Population Control

Population control is merely part of resource management where people are just another inconsequential and unremarkable group competing for existence on the big blue marble. Thus, eliminating people saves other resources and makes more available to the remaining elitists who push for population control in the first place. Understanding this history is critical.

Green Energy Climate Change Mania Is Crumbling

With the global energy crisis raging, more national leaders are discovering the root cause, namely, greenwashing radicals who have promoted disruptive alternative energy sources like wind and solar, at the expense of destroying existing sources of cheap energy such as coal, oil and natural gas. The trend is begrudgingly reversing as energy shortages threaten economic depression.

Extinction Rebellion: Handmaiden Of Technocracy

This insightful article explains how deconstruction groups like Extinction Rebellion (XR) are used to enable Technocracy. The Summary: “XR is used to advance ideas that are the basis of a potential global reset to protect the environment, inaugurating technocracy. At which point, XR becomes disposable.”