January 11, 2022

Google/YouTube Has Buried Content About ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’

The Google complex is running scared of the psychological tool of social engineering revealed as “Mass Formation Psychosis”. Whoops. It is THEIR tool, after all. Patrick Wood’s interview on the topic with Erskine Overnight was banned from YouTube. Search results are buried at Google. In 1938, Technocracy defined itself as the “science of social engineering”. Indeed.

Wesley J. Smith: Obamacare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel Is Pushing For Permanent Medical Technocracy

This is a MUST-READ article. Medical technocrat Ezekiel Emanuel, brother to political hack Rahm Emanuel, famously said he hopes to die at age 75. Currently 64, he has 11 years left. Now he is advocating for a permanent medical Technocracy by aggregating all respiratory diseases into a single statistic so that the government can declare perpetual health emergencies.