May 4, 2022

Musk, Grimes, Scientism And The Slippery Slope To Cyborg Theocracy

A self-proclaimed pagan witch, Grimes has a thing for Elon Musk and vice versa. Obsessed with brain implants and hooking into the “hive mind” of humanity, Grimes is obviously intending to make her own world and future where she will be its supreme being. Others have gone before her, but they are mostly dead now. She is young now, but will be old later.

First Human Trials Starts For Brain Computer Interface

The first human trials are in view, and it isn’t Elon Musk’s Neuralink Corporation that is leading the charge.  Synchron vision is “to transform medicine with unprecedented access to brain data” collected by using the blood vessels of the brain as “natural highways”. It is “the science of restoring, treating, and mapping the electrical activities of the brain.”

How Technocrats Turned Your Face Into A Weapon Of War

Controversial Clearview AI has benevolently donated its facial recognition software to Ukraine to use to identify Russian invaders both dead and alive. This may be the first instance for a person’s face to be used as a weapon of war and does not bode well for future warfare. Clearview scrapes images from social media and the Internet to maintain the largest repository of faces in the world.