May 26, 2022

Smart Meter Maker Itron, Microsoft Partner To Expand Smart City Efforts

Obama originally kickstarted Smart Meters with assurances that the collected data was only for use at your local utility. This was bunk and I wrote extensively to reveal the whole plan; now this plan is in full view. Everything about the inside of your house will be known and published to the cloud, available for everyone to see, including so-called “stakeholders”.

Alibaba Pushes ‘Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’ at Davos

The gamification of green is a product of China’s Alibaba, which is bound by China to turn over its data on consumers in order to factor it into its Social Credit Scoring system. If you are not sufficiently green, you will be punished for your transgressions. This app will never apply to the Davos elitists however, who collectively have the highest carbon footprint of any group in the world.