September 19, 2022

EV Folly In North Leads To Ecological Pillaging In South

It’s the same old story of rape, pillage and plunder of the land and resources of the Southern Hemisphere while the Northern Hemisphere dances with fairies and butterflies over electric vehicles and the elimination of carbon. This exact development outcome was warned about after the UNEP/Agenda 21 conference in 1992, noting that nothing had changed.

United Nations 2.0: A Whole-Of-World Technocracy

The United Nations is getting an upgrade to prepare itself for the post-Great Reset era. The WEF and UN are all but physically merged into a giant public-private partnership to transform the world through “Innovation, Data, Strategic foresight, Results orientation, and Behavioural science.”  Remember that Technocracy was defined as the “Science of Social Engineering” as far back as 1937.