October 4, 2022

Utility Pumps Customers’ Smart Meter Data To Police Without Warrant

Police are routinely breaking the law to enforce the law, which is patently absurd. Smart meter data is on electricity usage is sent via WiFi to the utility company, recording detailed activities within the home or business. Thus, there is no longer expectation of “sanctuary” within your own home. Detailed surveillance has been a key plank of Technocracy since its original creation in 1932.

Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals mRNA ‘Vaccine’ More Harmful Than COVID

COVID caused significant harm to the global population, which was exacerbated by harmful public policies. The mRNA “vaccines” have caused significantly more harm than COVID. This suggests biological warfare that has left a trail of dead and wounded. If this were not so, drug makers and politicians would make an immediate U-turn to stop all injections immediately.

Climate Change: The Doxa Of The Green Faith

Global warming has more in common with a radical religion than with science. Legitimate scientists have thoroughly debunked climate alarmism but all such science is flatly rejected, even though it totally refutes alarmists’ conclusions. The only solution is to keep the green technocrat crowd out of public policy.