December 2022

Britain And The Revenge Of The Technocrats

Britain has jumped from the frying pan into the fire by taking on Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister. A former Goldman Sachs banker, Rishi is the consummate picture of a Technocrat. The author notes that the Technocrat track record is not as rosy as they would have you think: “So their record is not at all one of competence. It’s one of repeated near-disaster.”

High Command: mRNA “Vaccines” To Be Required For Military

What’s one more shot on top of 17 other required inoculation? Biden has institutionalized a conveyor belt for continuous invention/adaptation of mRNA “vaccines” for every conceivable virus that might come our way. Hacking the human body and genome risks decimating our military might and needlessly harming our young men and women who voluntarily choose to serve.

Brains Transformed: How Primitive Pixels Evolved into Biodigital Brains

Evil does not reside in the atomic structures of technology, but rather in the heart of man. Whatever means, whatever discoveries, whatever available resources, will always be appropriated by evil men to do evil things. Transhumanism is no different except that it will leave its followers disgruntled, dismayed and permanently damaged.

Warning From UK: Technocracy And The Global Technate Are Imminent

As other writers see Technocracy for what it is: “A Technate degrades the citizen to the status of a dog or a machine. We only exist to serve Continental Control and the Function Sequence directorates. These will be led by an untouchable parasite class who claim peck-rights and absolute authority over all.” The distinction between mere Technocratic governance and a full-blown Technate is critical to understand.

Clinical Studies: N95 Masks Never Worked To Stop COVID Virus

Fauci knew it. They all knew it. From the start. Masks never worked to stop any virus, including the supposedly superior N95 mask. The social fabric of America was ripped to shreds over it and yet, they still say “wear your mask to protect others.” Families were torn apart, friends separated, workers quit, businesses shut down. All of this was done by unelected, unaccountable Technocrats; and yet, all elected officials who went along are equally guilty.

Wuhan Whistleblower: China Knew From The Start That COVID-19 Was Intentionally Engineered

Fauci knew, lied, then covered up. They all did, as they destroyed us and the world As the pandemic narrative unravels, we can rightfully start applying the word “democide” – death by government – to the entire debacle. The US basically gave China a bioweapon to use against us and all the people of the world. When it “leaked” the world caved into the hands of Technocrats and the Biodefense industry. The lies are exposed, but the control remains.

Sen. Rand Paul On Fauci: “We’ve Caught Him Red Handed, He Won’t Get Away”

If Anthony Fauci had been unfortunate enough to be born in early 20th century Germany and did the things during WWII that he has done during his present career, he would likely have ended up at the Nuremberg Trials pleading for his life. Millions of lives have been negatively affected, including death, not to mention ripping the social fabric of America to shreds with unproven, unscientific policies like business and school lockdowns, face masks, etc. 

San Francisco One-Ups Dirty Harry With “Come on, punk. Make My Day” Killer Robot

Desperate for solutions to stem the crime disaster of their own making, San Francisco turns to advanced technology for automated killing machines. Now that they have started down this road, they will find that there is no exit lane or a turn-a-round. The dystopian world they are creating always looks reasonable on the surface, but it is deadly on the inside.

European Energy Crisis Making EV Battery Plants “Unfeasible”

The alternative energy industry is headed for a brick wall. The reality is that it takes cheap energy to make things like battery packs. The declared war on “fossil” fuels will continue to backfire on any country that buys into the false economic proposition that solar and wind is a free lunch. Will they ever learn that there is no such thing as a free lunch.