How Trump Was Convinced To Lock Down Over Sars-CoV-2

Did the tail wag the dog or did the dog wag the tail? If it was the national-security/intelligence sector that spooked Trump into flip-flopping into a draconian policy to “defeat” COVID by locking down the nation, then we can be certain that globalist Technocrats were at work to make sure the script of Event 201 was followed to the letter.

OpenAI CEO Altman Sounds Alarm Over AI and ChatGPT

Sam Altman is in love with AI and GPT-4, but is also scared over the dark side. His biggest concern: Disinformation and fabricated cyber attacks, yet thus far, only a limited version of AI has been released, as if to say that there is much more that will be released after the public absorbs the current versions.

Globalists’ Polycrisis Of Doom Is Of Their Own Making

Every single crisis facing the world today has been orchestrated by the same global elitists who want to take over the world. Says Klaus Schwab: “Stakeholder capitalism, a model I first proposed a half-century ago, positions private corporations as trustees of society, and is clearly the best response to today’s social and environmental challenges.” 

Toward Cashless: Panera Bread Debuts Palm Reading Payment System

Even as the Fed announces the July launch of FedNow instant payment system, national chains like Panera Bread will move toward cashless commerce. Any store that refuses to accept cash should be boycotted and shamed. Cash is legal tender for all public and private debt, and this cannot be overridden by private companies like Panera Bread.

FedNow In July Lays Out CBDC Infrastructure

There is no doubt that the Federal Reserve will try to score a coup d’Etat with a Central Bank Digital Currency, which will give them total control over money, the economy and individuals. Americans could sabotage the system by refusing to give up the use of cash and boycotting all cashless businesses.

AI Will Be Worshipped As God, But Don’t Expect Mercy

As worshippers confess their most personal sins to an AI “god”, it will populate their psychological profile for all to see. This then becomes the mechanism to control and manipulate them to their own harm, as was often the case in historical religious systems. Unfortunately, man has the innate urge to worship and any old image will suffice.

Zelensky The Technocrat: War in Ukraine Obscures Rush To Technocracy

Before the war, Zelensky’s first initiative after his election, was to create a Ministry of Digital Transformation headed by Technocrat and WEF Young Leaders graduate, Mykhailo Fedorov. With a digital ID at the core, “government in a smartphone” solidifies Technocrat control. Worse, the U.S. taxpayer is funding a large portion of the transformation.