February 2023

World Health Organization: A Public-Health Technocracy

Wesley J. Smith has correctly pegged the WHO as an emerging public-health Technocracy, aka Scientific Dictatorship. As a principal agency of the UN, the WHO seeks to control all public health policies and products on planet earth: a universal nanny? There is no “spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down”. This is a war against humanity and people will die.

Future Shock: AI Advances Are Trending Toward Vertical Acceleration

Regardless of obvious flaws and errors, ChatGPT is projected to have one billion users before the end of 2023, making it the most transformative and rapidly utilized technology in history. What this will do to global civilization is still unknown but it is certain that “artificial thoughts” are not human thoughts until humans blindly accept them as such. What thoughts? Technocracy

Geoengineering: Dim The Sun To Fight Global Warming

The United Nations says, solar geoengineering “is the only known approach that could be used to cool the Earth within a few years.” Since climate alarmists have virtually shut down coal, oil and natural gas, replacing it with solar and wind generated energy, shutting down the sun somehow makes sense to these mad scientists. In fact, it would doom the entire planet.

CNAS: Globalist Think Tank And The Subtleties Of Disinformation

This article is written by a research assistant at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), which has two members of the Trilateral Commission on its board. The article deflects attention to China and Russia as the most likely abusers of AI while ignoring current abuses by our own government. In fact, for Technocracy, there is no such thing as the “free world”.

Brookings Institution: AI Is Tool Of Choice To Censor Podcasts

Brookings is a globalist nest of Technocratic thinkers whose board of advisors includes four members of the elitist Trilateral Commission. Brookings has provided academic license to censor all opposing views, and is now targeting podcasts for censorship. Fact checkers like NewsGuard have already lined up to censor podcasts.

NewsGuard: Technocratic Censorship Of All Opposing Views

When Technocrats don’t like what legitimate journalists and researchers say, NewsGuard will rake them over the coals as “disinformation”, “misinformation” and “fake news” and then spread its slander to the entire world, causing damaging prejudice from vendors, subscribers, advertisers, etc. This is a deep wound to Free Speech, but NewsGuard is a private company.

Biodigital Convergence: The Pandemic Started The Genetic Transformation Of Humanity

The Pandemic was never just about a virus and a “vaccine”. It was the first mass-scale application of synthetic biology to the human condition. As such, it transitioned theoretical Convergence science  into applied science but on a global scale. For a world that mostly never heard of Transhumanism, they have arbitrarily been placed on the conveyor belt of transformation.

Idaho Lawmakers Seek To Criminalize mRNA Injections

If Pfizer and Moderna will not stop their disastrous and injurious mRNA vaccinations, state lawmakers are finally stepping in to do it for them. If Idaho lawmakers are successful, Idahoans seeking mRNA shots will have to go elsewhere. National sentiment is rapidly turning on these Transhumanist eugenics experiments.